Art Centre Salmela is one of Finland’s biggest summertime cultural events. One of the salient goals of Salmela’s activity is to preserve, enliven and take into use the cultural historically significant environment.

Opening hours

Salmela’s exhibitions are open 12.6.-15.8.2021 daily 11am-6pm.

Exhibition admission

Adults 14 €, students 9 €, group ticket 13 €/per person, children under 16 y.o. 5 €, children under 7 y.o. free admission, season ticket 22 € includes admission to both Arts Centre Salmela and Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House.

In addition to visual arts exhibition Salmela organizes concerts that take place on its beautiful Park Stage or in the nearby church.

Concert program summer 2021:

12.6. at 1.30 pm. Opening concert with Jaakko Ryhänen and Hannakaisa Nyrönen
26.6. at 4 pm Mid summer concert with Muska
1.7. at 6 pm Composer Arto Paju with Salmela Festival Orchestra (symphony orchestra), solists Ville Rusanen, Mikael Konttinen, Hanna Hoikkala and Jesse Viinikangas (violin), Pauli Leppälä (clarinet) ja Kimmo Leppälä (clarinet).
3.7. at 6.15 pm Celebration in honor of artist Liisamaija Laaksonen with Vesa-Matti Loiri, Katariina Kaitue, Samuli Edelmann and Matti Paatelma. Poems and music.
7.7. at 6 pm Pepe Willberg
15.7. at 6 pm Mamba
22.7. 7 pm J. Karjalainen
24.7. at 3 pm and 7 pm Waltteri Torikka, Maria Ylipää and Salmela Festival Orhcestra
25.7. at 1 pm Waltteri Torikka, Maria Ylipää and Salmela Festival Orchestra
31.7. at 2 pm Singalong in Salmela with Arja Koriseva, Mikael Konttinen, Hanna Hoikkala and Salmela House Band
15.8. 2 pm Final concert of Matti Salminen’s Master Class

Location and contact information

Mäntyharjuntie 25,
FI-52700 Mäntyharju
tel. +358 50 3388 114

This is Salmela

Salmela is situated in the historical parish village of Mäntyharju by the Lake Pyhävesi. Salmela has total of approximately 1000 m² of exhibition space. An old 1850s built parish cottage works as the oldest exhibition room. Exhibition continues at the cultural historically valuable Domander exhibition grounds which is located some 150 metres from the main building. Milieu includes the old pharmacy, post office, servant’s quarters and outbuildings.

Salmela’s exhibition spaces are joined together by a lovely landscape park with gazebos. The landscape park was opened in 2002 and it includes the sculpture park, gazebos and café-restaurant Kesäheinä which functions both as an exhibition space and promoter of culinary art. A pond has been built in the landscape park and in the vicinity of the pond stand the gazebos designed by architects C.L.Engel, Wivi Lönn and Aino Marsio.

Exhibition buildings have been taken into use in accordance with Unesco’s recommendations and the guidelines by the National Board of Antiquities, and they have undergone extensive renovation work approved by the Board. The milieu includes also Finland’s second largest wooden church, the 1850s built Mäntyharju church, where Art Centre Salmela holds concerts. Church is located just accross from Salmela’s main building.


Mäntyharju is an advanced rural community in Eastern Finland and a border parish of Savo. The boundary of three tribes, the Häme, Savo and Karelia peoples, is located in the municipality area. The current inhabitants of Mäntyharju are mainly of Savo lineage.

Due to its unique nature and high-quality central services, Mäntyharju’s cultural community offers great conditions for enterprise, living and leisure activities. Our first-class municipal services are produced through democratic decision-making in which great value is placed on the participation of the inhabitants.

Currently Mäntyharju has approximately 6,000 residents. In the summer, the services provided in the centre are in part like those of a town and satisfy the needs of both the inhabitants and visitors. The business centre has several banks, restaurants, an off-licence, health centre and diverse commercial services. Over 4,000 inhabitants live in the centre.

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