We are a summertime art gallery and cultural festival in Mäntyharju, Finland. Salmela’s annual exhibition showcases visual art by recognized veterans of modern Finnish art as well as young, upcoming talent. The largest visual arts festival in Finland, Art Centre Salmela welcomes you to the 33rd annual exhibition 11 June – 14 August 2022. We are open from 11am to 6pm every day. The exhibition lineup will be announced soon.

In addition to visual art, Salmela is the venue for a yearly series of concerts played at our own outdoor stage and inside the historic Mäntyharju church across the street. The 2022 concert schedule will be announced soon.

The setting for our exhibits is a stunning and historically significant cultural milieu. A mid-19th century parish house functions as the main gallery. Across the water, the exhibit continues in a lovingly restored old apothecary, postal office, and auxiliary buildings that offer a peek into the residential and commercial history of the area. Our waterside sculpture park, restaurant Kesäheinä, and collection of beautiful gazebos make up the rest of the extensive exhibition space.

Uimamökki Domanderin alueella


vuohijarven luonto- ja kulttuuritalo

Our second location, the Vuohijärvi House of Nature and Culture, houses a large gallery, a gift shop, and a café serving the world’s best cinnamon rolls. Right down the road from Repovesi national park, the exhibitions draw inspiration from nature – both local and universal.

The building, completed in 1966, originally served as a church. The serene space is a standout example of Finnish modernism in architecture and a great setting for displaying art. A beautiful sculpture garden is nested in the middle of the multi-level structure, offering a place to rest and reflect.

Opening times for 2022 are 11am – 5pm daily 11 June – 14 August. Admission: adults 8 €, students 5 €, children aged 7–15 4 €, children aged 0–6 free.

Marc Chagall 2022

The summer 2022 exhibition at the Vuohijärvi House of Nature and Culture will feature rare prints by Russian-French modernist pioneer Marc Chagall.

Chagall’s world-renowned oeuvre includes a vast catalogue of illustrations done with printmaking techniques over a period of many decades. The works were published as loose, individual prints alongside the book they illustrated; among the texts are some of the western canon’s great works, such as the Old and the New Testament, Homer’s Odyssey, and Ancient Greek plays.

Our exhibition will showcase 100 original, seldom seen illustrations from ten different books. With these pictures, Marc Chagall illustrated his own colourful life — in his signature, ethereal style — as well as the texts they accompany. They offer insight into a great artist’s life and work and promise to deepen our reading of the texts — but above all, they constitute a stunning and notable collection of 20th-century graphic art.

The exhibition is based on the private collection of Art Pappila in Sastamala, Finland. This summer, come be enchanted at the Vuohijärvi House of Nature and Culture.

Vuohijärven luonto- ja kulttuuritalon super suositut korvapuustit


Mäntyharjuntie 25, 52700 Mäntyharju

A two-hour car ride from Helsinki, Art Centre Salmela is located in the heart of southeastern Finland. You can also easily reach us by train: the Mäntyharju station is just a few kilometers away.

For more information on the town of Mäntyharju for travelers, click here.

Näkkimistöntie 1, 47900 Vuohijärvi

Be sure to also visit the Vuohijärvi House of Nature and Culture, a scenic 40-minute drive from Salmela.

Email: info@taidekeskussalmela.fi

Phone: +358 50 3388 114

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